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PerfectPleat PF

New, patent-pending, sonically-welded, strong pinch frame design.

Patented DuraFlex self-supporting media provides uniform pleat height, width, and spacing without the need for wire support. 100% synthetic fibers provides better air flow and naturally resists microbial growth.

• Easy to install, lasts up to 90 days.  Helps heating and cooling systems operate more efficiently. Rated MERV 6. Lasts 90 days.  Available in 1" depths

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DuraFlex Media 
100% Synthetic Fibers • Better Air Flow • Patented Design

Perfectly shaped and spaced pleats.   Uniform size virgin fibers are assembled in closely controlled blends to create a media that is both self-supporting and remarkably consistent in performance. The self-supporting characteristics allow a pleating pattern that promotes excellent dust holding and resistance characteristics.

PerfectPleat PF has a sonically-welded, pinch frame design that offers excellent support and durability. The perimeter frame is constructed with poly-coated board stock securely bonded to the media.

The PerfectPleat PF also features a support strap, bonded to the pleat tips, on the air-leaving side of the filter to ensure uniform pleat spacing while adding rigidity and support to the media pack.

The manufacturing process that created the PerfectPleat PF is so unique that it has a patent pending. Materials and process are precisely matched to create a filter that has superb fit and finish to match its durability. In addition, it is rated MERV 6, meeting the requirement of ASHRAE Standard 62-2001.

DuraFlex - Self-Supporting
DuraFlex is American Air Filter's patented, self-supporting media. When pleated, DuraFlex will hold its shape without the need for wire support characteristics of conventional, pleated filters. With the superior resiliency of DuraFlex media and no need for wire support, the PerfectPleat PF can sustain significant abuse and maintain its shape and pleat spacing. The absence of the wire also makes the filter totally incinerable, which simplifies disposal.

The PerfectPleat PF is ideally suited to residential and commercial applications where a MERV 6 is desired and value is required. Its low initial pressure drop of .18 at 300 FPM makes it ideal for low volume air handlers.
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Performance Data

Type Pleats per Lineal Foot

Rated Initial Resistance (In. W.G.)
300 FPM

Final Resistance
(In. W.G.)

Continuous Operating Temperature Limits

PerfectPleat PF 1" 12.0 .18 1.0 150 F   80C


Pricing available on request.

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